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Donations and
Grant Seeking

Your donations help us save lives.  It keeps our subsidized counselling program running. It gives us the funding to add specific training for our counsellors on queer issues. It allows us to provide other safe space activities for our queer community. And eventually, it will provide us an opportunity to hire a program coordinator to expand our programs and reach. 

Your donation DOES make a difference! 

This video is a short introduction as to why we are seeking grants and donations for the Quesnel Pride Society, and how these funds are used.  For more information, email us at

A thousand little cuts in a thousand little towns that all chip away at LGBTQ2S+ rights and normalize hatred towards this community is what we face. Queer youth in particular are vulnerable to internalizing these emotions, creating an environment of self-hatred and self-harm such as cutting and attempted suicides.

Thank you to our grantors and donors to our programs!

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$15,000 towards our subsidized counselling program and safe space activities
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