Programs & Services

Here we will add links to Programs and Services that help and support our LGBTQ+ community.

Our Programs

Currently we have monthly Youth and Adult in Transition Support Group meetings through Accessible Counselling.

Heading 3

Affordable  counselling for LGBTQ+ youth. Click on youth link below for more details!

How Can We Help

We want to make it easier for our LGBTQ+ community to find the resources they need.  If you have any other suggestions for resources that might be needed, please contact us and we will do our best to add them here.

Mental Health

There are a number of mental health counselling services in town.  Here are those that have identified as LGBTQ+ friendly.  

JC Herrett Consulting Inc.


Financial Literacy

Coming Soon - In partnership with Integris Credit Union, Financial Literacy classes will be available for our LGBTQ2S+ community. 

As well, any LGBTQ2S+ community member wishing to open an account with Integris can take advantage of the Quesnel Pride Society Account Opening and have the first 6 months of fees waived.


Currently the support groups available are for Youth and Adult in Transition.  These can be accessed through Accessible Counselling.

Trans and Gender-variant Support

For gender-affirming chest wear:

Trans and gender-variant youth 

Gender-affirming Care

Soon, a binder-exchange program will be in place. Details to follow.

Housing & Employment

HIV Health
Services and Monkeypox Vaccines

Resources for HIV including HIV, AIDS and Hepatitis C testing, counselling, education, support and contact tracing.:

Northern Health HIV information

Positive Living Society BC

Quesnel Community Health Unit


Monkeypox vaccines are available throughout Northern Health for 2SGBTQ+ communities. Currently we are seeing monkeypox being passed mainly in queer male communities throughout Canada. While Northern Health does not currently have any reported cases of Monkeypox, most people will have not had the vaccine in their lifetime and is a useful preventative measure that we can take to protect ourselves.


To access the vaccine outside of Prince George, community members can call the Northern Health Virtual Care Clinic at 1-844-645-7811 and a vaccine will be shipped to your local Health Unit.


For more information on monkeypox and how to access the vaccine please visit the following links.

Monkeypox | Northern Health

Mpox Bulletin - Health Initiative For Men (HIM) (



Affordable Counselling


<Information to come>


<Information to come>


<Information to come>

Our Space

We are sad to announce that the Quesnel Pride Society closed its doors at Our Space effective November 30, 2021.  The timing of the pandemic (which forced the closure the day after opening!), the on-again off-again gathering restrictions, the limited mall hours, lack of volunteers, and high cost of renting all factored in to this decision.

All of the artwork in Our Space has been photographed professionally by Mikey Kidd. The photos have been placed in a collage, which in turn will be made into a giant blanket to be taken to the next physical space in the future.  

Right now the Quesnel Pride Society is focused on Capacity Building - how do we identify and address the needs of the community, and how do we create a sustainable future for the Pride Society here in Quesnel.  So stay tuned! While the physical space may be closed for now, the digital space will still be active!


Game Days

Randomly chosen board games or card games to play as a group

Afternoon Art

Randomly chosen topics for participants to paint or draw

Movie Days

LGBTQ+ plots, characters, and / or actors

Open Library

<Coming Soon>